Ten Meters is in my opinion, one of Ham Radio's great treasures. Back in 1978, I was just a novice. But I was hot to get on ten meters. And boy did I hit the jackpot. I had a qso with a Russian ham! Wow! I recently attended my 40th class reunion, and one of my colleagues reminded me of the conversation.

Well in recent years I have ignored ten meters. But something happened just last night that changed my mind. I had set up a sked on 28.400 with another local ham. Imagine our surprise to find a man from eastern Florida there, and mighty friendly and super readable! We both had a great conversation with him. 

Here is my proposition. Check in at 28.400. I will spend as much time throughout the day as I can. And the worst that could happen? you might come a step or several steps closer to WAS on Ten meters. Try it a few minutes every day. As I write this I heard another 4 station and answered him. You see, propagation reports don't always reflect how things are. You have to get on and try. So try, that's all a few minutes several times a week. I will bet you a shiny new dime that you will be surprised and astounded at what you find out. So how about it? Try?

Who knows it could be a brand new beginning for Ten meters. I will record here the folks I here name and call and RST, any other pertinent data. Come on, waiting for you!

See you on 28.400 Gary K8JCR

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